Early Check-ins / Late Check-outs

"May I have early check-in / Last check-out?"  


"Yes."  "No."  "Maybe."


YES:  If the schedule allows, for an additional fee you may reserve the property in advance for early check-in or late checkout. Depending on how early / late, I'll have to block off the calendar for an extra night. ...So call me to check availability and discuss. 

NO: Typically these properties fully book. If two different bookings are arriving and leaving on the someday, it is too tight to allow early or late check out - remember, if you are asking about late checkout, they're probably asking about early check in and vice versa - and the cleaners schedule in advance to be in one group's checkout and out at the next group's check in. 


So be prepared that it's NOT available and look into luggage storage options

But call me to see if extension purchase is available for your dates.