Southern Hospitality

Is it true what they about southern hospitality - are people nice here?

Sometimes it's hard to see, hard to fully appreciate something when you've grown up with it (I grew up in Alabama the heart of dixie.) But I've been lucky enough to have traveled this Tennessee and glimpse the small part so the world to compare to.  I've been eaten lamb stew in backpacker's huts in Patagonia, cafe's in Bioues Arieas, white table cloth dinners in Venice Italy, chatted with people I've met along the way.  ...And my answer to the question if southern hospitality is real is, YES - it's real -there's something to this southern hospitality thing! 

People here are friendly and fairly happy! Now you might grumpy fella that forgot to say "Good mawn'n Ya'll" (probably didn't eat his grits that day!) but overall people are easy-going, polite, and helpful. When you meet a local, they’re likely to smile, nod their head or tip their hat - or maybe even howdy!’s okay to say hi back! 

Nashville in particular is a jewel with its southern charm. It's has the feel of a southern town plus the added dimension of the creative influence of the music and arts industries. Most you might get a sense of excited and energy generate by so many good people and so many good things going on here. 

So get your vacation mode on and and your southern speak ready!