The Joy of Hosting

In the past 3 years I've welcomed thousands of travelers and received a thousand glowing reviews. Its been an honor to host great guests excited to come and enjoy this wonderful city.  Hosting has allowed me to see travel through the eyes of the accommodation provider and learn many things:


  1. It's a hosting business not a rental business. People want a comfortable temporary home not just a roof over their heads. 
  2. Travelers are some of the best people, and make the best clients - I think a zest for living well goes hand-in-hand with travel.
  3. There is no end to house maintenance - I know the folks at Home depot by name and even which days they work!
  4. Pinterest will trick you to think you can build things better and cheaper than buying them elsewhere!
  5. I like this business! With the ups and downs, I find joy in sharing my places and the city that I love!


Thank you for being awesome guests!